In the Business Area „Industrial Application“ computer-aided studies are performed upon your request. The studies deal with problem analysis, design and process optimization for industrial furnaces and boilers.

Our working areas include:

  • Increase of Combustion Efficiency
  • Emission Control (NOx, SOx, CO, Unburned Carbon)
  • Flue Gas Cleaning
  • Plant Retrofits
  • Burner to Burner Interaction in Multi-Burner Systems
  • Multi-Fuel Combustion (Coal, Oil, Gas)
  • Slagging and Fouling Analysis
  • Corrosion (Water Wall Wastage)
  • Co-Firing of Secondary Fuels (Syn-Gas, Sewage Sludge, Wood, Biomass, etc.)

Our advanced visualization techniques make the important effects and target values visible for you, and assist you in identifying and optimizing the relevant operation parameters.

We simulate complex retrofit scenarios in the virtual reality and work together with your specialists in identifying cost-optimized solutions for your individual requirements.

Take advantage of our comprehensive combustion Know-How to minimize your costs in a highly competitive global market.