The Business Area „Transfer Research“ coordinates national and international projects to work on industrial problems with research needs. This is done is close cooperation with Universities and Research Centers in and outside of Europe.

A selection of Sample Projects are:

  • Development of a „Computational Workbench“ within the Vision 21-Program of the Department of Energy (DOE) in the United States
  • Development of genetic algorithms for automatic optimization
  • Development of reaction models for coal- and biomass gasification
  • Utilization of detailed and reduced reaction mechanisms for the individual combustion modeling of non-standard fuels

As a company that was originally born from the Technology Transfer, RECOM uses the connections to Universities and Research Centers to continue its role as the bridge between theoretical, scientific findings and industrial applicable results.

In this field our knowledge is not limited to only simulation, but covers also the experimental characterization of technical flames.

If you experience practical problems that require research to be solved, you should talk to us and make use of our excellent Research-Network.