The 3D-Combustion Simulation Code RECOM-AIOLOS is a tailored simulation environment for the modeling of industrial furnaces and boilers. The code was developed in co-operation with Stuttgart University.

The physical/chemical models and numerical methods available in RECOM-AIOLOS have been carefully selected and optimized for the simulation of reacting flows:

  • 3D-Steady State and Time-Dependent Model Description
  • Multi-Domain Technique for the coupling of cartesian, cylindrical, and body-fitted meshes
  • Higher-Order Differencing Schemes
  • SOR-, SIP- und CG-Solution Algorithms
  • k,e- und differential Reynolds-Stress turbulence model
  • Multi-Fuel Model (gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels)
  • Global reaction scheme considering particle drying/evaporation, char burnout pyrolysis, and volatiles/gas combustion
  • Particle size distribution from milling devices of solid fuels can be considered
  • NOx-, SOx-Formation Model
  • Slagging and Fouling Model for combustion chamber and superheaters
  • Radiation Models: Discrete Transfer, Discrete Ordinates, Finite Volume
  • Optimized for parallel vector computers (PVP) and massively parallel computers (MPP) with shared and distributed memory
  • Highest Performance on Linux-Clusters with explicit communication (MPI)

Free Open Source Pre- and Postprocessing Tools for the setup of the furnace or boiler model and examination of the simulation results are delivered at no additional costs. Support for these Open Source Tools is delivered directly from RECOM.

The high parallel performance of AIOLOS on Linux-Clusters helps you build your own “Supercomputer” to meet your individual computational demands at very low price.

However, should you experience shortages in computational resources while working on your problems, RECOM can give you access to our own High-Performance Computers at any time.