RECOM Services – Knowing what the future brings

Every fuel change, every retrofit of combustion equipment, any modification of the overall process involves technical risks that influence the safe plant operation and the maintenance costs of an industrial plant. Identifying these risks in time and avoid them before they become expensive reality, is exactly what we can offer you.

Our approach is to transform the plant process into the virtual reality of our 3D-Simulation Environment. To make sure that the virtual reality is a reliable model of the real world, we compare measured and simulated values for a given number of operation points.

If virtual and real world correspond, we use the virtual plant model to work on your combustion problems without disturbing the operation of the plant.

The validity of this approach has been demonstrated for a great variety of industrial boilers.

Up to now we have successfully applied this technique for our customers in a large number of projects. The cost savings of our customers achieved in these projects have always been orders of magnitude higher than the project budgets.